Open Letters

An Open Letter to Jacque Callenen, Bexar County Elections Adminstrator

To: Jacque Callanen, Bexar County Elections Administrator

I am writing in regard to the ballot I cast on November 3, 2020 Presidential elections. Upon reviewing the ballot results on the Texas Secretary of State webpage, and entering my credentials, I received the result,

“No voter with last name C****** and date of birth SEP/16/19** residing in BEXAR COUNTY… was found.”

Please send me clarification about my ballot status. I would like to ensure that my ballot was found and my vote was counted in the 2020 Presidential elections. Thank you.

Mr. C

I encourage you to find out if your ballot and vote was counted in the 2020 Presidential elections. With the amount of ballot fraud, and evidence coming to light everyday, it is important that we examine the integrity of our election process in these United States of America. To that end, even if you reside in an uncontested state, a state that is not claiming fraud or malfesence in the 2020 Presidential elections, I encourage all voting Americans to get with their Secretary of State and their election officials to see if their in-person vote was counted.

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