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Q & A Holes in D.C. for Million MAGA March

Q & A Holes podcast is proud to announce that they will be present and livestreaming from the Million MAGA March in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2020. Cited by Preisdent Trump to be “wild” we are looking forward to see a record turnout by patriots from all over the United States as we come together on this pivotal day in our nations history. This day is crucial for patriots and the deep state alike as the electoral college vote count will be held in the capital building and the fate of our freedom, and the freedom of the people of this planet hangs in the balance.

Mr. C will be on the ground covering the march and speakers for the Q & A Holes audience. We’ll be live on Spreaker, Youtube, and Facebook so be sure to stay tuned in for all developing stories.

Will Pence follow the constitution and disqualify the illegal electors sent to D.C.? Will the deep state strike with a false flag? Will ANTIFA and BLM show up to run amok? Will the Proud Boys whoop their ass??? Find out LIVE with Q & A Holes podcast!

Right now, you can help offset the costs of transportation, equipment and other accomodations by donating to the “Send Mr. C to Washington D.C.” campaign on Go Fund Me, or click the image above!

We look forward to having you live with us while we’re on the ground in Washington D.C. for this historical event!

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