Biden Promises Jobs Kills Jobs in Same Breath

= The Daily Sniff =

Biden says, “it’s about jobs, good paying union jobs; it’s about workers; building our economy back better than before. It’s a whole government approach with climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy. It’s amassing conservation, revitalizing communities, and in the cities and in the farm lands. It’s securing environmental justice.”

Giberish. Tens of thousands of jobs were wiped out by Biden when he shut down work on the Keystone Pipeline. Laid off workers said Biden made jobs for unemployment officers because they’d need more of them to process all the unemployment claims heading their way. But don’t forget, the Keystone Pipeline was shut down in the name of climate crisis and the continued battle against the unseen enemy: C02.

Climate Crisis EOs
* Ban on new leases for oil and gas drilling
* Ban on fracking on federal lands
* Revocation of lease for Keystone pipeline (previous week)

Who’s to say the Democrats, the Coup Party, don’t turn around and dig that oil up anyway and send that oil to China? Why not? It’s the most practical thing to do as China is part of the Paris Accords only voluntarily and have no dues to pay and no responsibility to their carbon footprint or their emissions. Can it at least be noted that the approval by Trump on the Keystone saw an environmentally sound and clean extraction system?

It was climate day at the faux White House where O’Biden, his face practically falling off, said climate day was “job day.” Still, Biden’s promises for green jobs and compliance with the Paris Accords means Americans can depend on jobs to continue disappearing. Small jobs. Independent employers. Entrepreneurs. Drivers of economy will be able to settle in to their public sector jobs processing jobless claims and required government assistance. The Republicans, the Coup Party, will most likely be complicit and not challenge or overturn these Executive Orders issued by illegitimate President Select, Joe Biden.

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