Governators to Open Cities as Biden Says It Will Only Get Worse

=The Daily Sniff=

Killer governors like Governor Cuomo in New York and Governor Murphy in New Jersey whom murdered constituents by moving Covid positive patients in to retirement homes and nursing homes only to kill those with weakened immune systems now want to open their cities and allow citizens to eat in doors.

Governor Cuomo has said himself, “incompetent government kills.” As it turns out, Governor Cuomo’s nursing home death count might in fact be 50% higher than originally reported. The error comes from a possible misrepresentation of patient location when they passed, as opposed to the origin of the cause of illness. The discrepancy here being that the reason the patient died in the hospital is because they were infected with Covid-19 in the nursing home Governor Cuomo ordered Covid positive patients into.

Hot on the heels of people dying at the hands of the Covid-19 virus vaccine, the Whitehouse under President Select Biden has declared that there is no telling when Covid-19 will lift, and Dr. Faucci can only bet on the odds favoring several variant mutations infecting the population at a doctor’s office near you.

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