Re: CPAC 2021, “We Love You,” President Trump!

President Donald Trump gave closing remarks on Sunday a CPAC to a crowd of hungry conservatives who waited an hour for the controversial world leader to take the stage. This year’s Conservative Political Action Conference was not only marked with controversy the marred 45th President of the United States speaking amid his acquitted impeachment and hostilities of those in his party that have turned on him, but also with in fighting in the Republican party regarding the party’s future. Needless to say, most of the Republicans that voted to impeach the leader of their party have been censured by the legislators in their home states (as undoubtedly their constituents are irate).

President Trump declared that there will be no “new party” and a reminder that there were no new wars under his administration.

President Trump gave a speech we may have expected, as much lead up and anticipation for the President of these United States since the coup that was signed and warranted on January 20, 2021. President Trump declared that there will be no “new party” and a reminder that there were no new wars under his administration. A sharp juxtapose of course being the Biden administration basically being out of the loop while a rogue General Lloyd Austin bombed Syria 33 days after Biden illegitimately took office.

President Trump highlighted all the errors the Biden administration in their first thirty days. From the policies Biden has stripped away that Trump put in to place to secure the border, stop human trafficking, and improve conditions for Americans, to the gaffs Biden has made on the COVID-19 vaccine (telling the American public there was no vaccine when had had taken it a month earlier), to American’s energy independence which is on a trajectory to be destroyed by the Biden administration.

Trump didn’t shy away from topics that often had him censored, ridiculed or demonized, including: the rigged 2020 election, voter ID laws and a fixed election system, and the threat women’s athletics is under by the allowance of once male women into competition (the latter topic delivered with much levity). He stressed that the strategy moving forward was not to split the vote with the formation of a new party, but bring a stronger and more unified Republican party. Trump says this because the optical illusion of a fractured Republican party is actually a handful of RINOs versus millions of Americans.

Trump was well received and applauded by the attendees of this year’s CPAC giving strong evidence that the usual RINO event has a new face and new body focused on America FIRST. And as Trump said, the Republican party is quickly becoming a “party of love. The people, the spirit… There’s more spirit now, including before the election, there’s more spirit now.” Indeed, President Trump had to pause his discourse to a room that erupted in a chant of “we love you!” Trump is looking forward to moving forward with the Republican party and back America First candidates in 2022 into 2024.

Watch Live Coverage of President Trump’s speech at CPAC on Q&A Holes Podcast on Twitch.

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