News Briefs

Human Monkey Hybrid Embryos

According to the scientific journal, CELL, a team of Chinese and American scientists have successfully created the missing link. Well, almost. The scientists announced the creation of human-monkey hybrid embryos grown by injecting human stem cells into the embryos of six-day-old Macaque monkey embryos. The scientists injected twenty-five human stem cells into one hundred thirty-two monkey embryos. Though only three hybrid embryos survived, the scientists are interested in this research hoping they can grow a reliable source of organs for transplant.

Many ethical questions have arisen in regard to the chimera-like creature that could be produced, as well as the concern that hybrid creatures could hypothetically carry a human baby in a monkey uterus, opening up a door to even more moral and ethical questions in regard to the creation. The National Institutes of Health previously banned funding for this type of research in 2015, but in 2016 considered lifting the moratorium thereby forcing taxpayers to fund such projects.

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