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To COVID or Not to COVID, That is the Question

Are the COVID vaccines safe and effective? I wish I knew, but in today’s technocracy truth is whatever supports the agenda, it has little to do with fact. Information that doesn’t serve the desired political goal is labeled a lie, conspiracy theory, or dangerous to safety and security. When you look into the vaccine issues you can find just as many perceived experts warning to avoid the vaccine as you can find experts who claim the vaccines are safe and effective, some experts even support mandatory vaccines. I’m still weighing my options but I wanted to share some thoughts on what I have considered so far.

The information sources we have trusted for years have all turned into propaganda machines pushing new world utopia nonsense that serves only the rich elite oligarchs and dictatorships. Our once freedom loving media now promote fear, hatred and division because that’s what gets them attention and profit. Truth is now a long gone afterthought that is no longer crucial to the captive audience. Knowing that you can no longer trust the sources of information and that facts are hard to find, in order to make the decision about the vaccine I thought about the history of the pharmaceutical industrial complex, specifically does this industry produce safe and effective products? The only honest answer to that, in my opinion, is “sometimes.” Turn on your TV and before long you will see advertisements from lawyers wanting folks to join class action lawsuits to recover damages caused by pharmaceutical products and chemicals. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads that say, “If you took this medicine and suffered these side effects, you may be entitled to compensation.” Many of the ads say the company put their products on the market knowing they were dangerous issues with use. However the lawsuits don’t seem to put many out of business, they just take the product off the market and replace it with something that will probably get them sued later. Keep watching your TV and more ads will pop up from the pharmaceutical company pushing product.

For legal reasons the ads include disclaimers listing side effects, some of which are very serious. These disclaimers are attached to medications that have been through years of testing and trials done to meet FDA standards for approval. I’ve not seen similar disclaimers attached to COVID vaccines and I wonder why. We know there have been issues but we are still encouraged to believe that all of the vaccines are safe, effective, and will cause no serious side effects. We shouldn’t be worried that the same people that are trying to make us believe that the vaccines are 100% effective 100% of the time with zero side effects are the same people who profit most from the vaccine. We know these pharmaceutical companies love giving money to politicians who are way too eager to take it. So the idea of forcing you to take a vaccine works out great for those who stand to profit from it and can avoid the mandatory injection themselves. Don’t get me wrong sometimes pharmaceutical products are beneficial but sometimes they end up causing more harm than good.

The next thing I thought about is testing and approval. Are COVID-19 vaccines tested and approved by the institutions we rely on to keep citizens from being poisoned by the pharmaceutical giants looking to make bank? The only honest answer to this question, in my opinion, is “kind of”. The FDA gave “temporary emergency” approval for the vaccines that were rushed to market. This approval was in response to the perceived threat of a virus that has never been isolated in a lab, as is usual protocol, a virus that has proven to not be deadly to the masses despite attempts to manipulate tests and statistics to make it seem so, a virus that still has an undetermined origin. The FDA has given temporary emergency approval for a vaccine that may or may not have serious side effects; there’s not enough experience with the vaccine to really know all the side effects or who may suffer from them or even why they would. There is no information compiled about possible issues associated with the effects of mixing the vaccine with other medicines; for example, there may be issues with the vaccines and the medication called Heparin, this is suspected because of incidents that happened after the vaccine was given not before. So have the vaccines been tested, deemed safe, and approved by the FDA? The vaccines have been “kind of” approved, but not really. In fact, use of two of the vaccines has been halted due to serious side effect concerns, but use of at least one of them has resumed.

The final issue I’ve been exploring is simple. Do I believe that the pharmaceutical industrial complex and my government have my best interest in mind? Sadly I concluded the likely answer to this question is a big fat “no.” I only need two words to prove that point and those words are insulin prices. Joe Biden’s first week of frenzied Executive Orders included rejection of President Trump’s orders to control the cost of insulin, a medication needed by many diabetics to live Joe Biden quickly took care of the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of the health and lives of Americans with diabetes and he did it without comment or concern for anyone other than himself and the wallets of the pharmaceutical industrial giants. If you think these institutions can be trusted—good for you. As long as I’m given the freedom to choose, for me the choice will be no vaccine. I have little trust in the Joe Biden “America Last” administration; I certainly don’t have trust in an industry whose profit margins rely on keeping the sick sick.

Article written by Joe 1of2
for Q&A Holes Network

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