News Briefs

Massive DDT Dump Found off Coast of California

By Joe 1of2

Marine scientists say they have found over 25,000 barrels of suspected DDT dumped off the California coast near Catalina Island. The site is thought to be part of a massive underwater toxic waste dumping area dating back to WWII. Historic shipping logs show that industrial companies in Southern California used the site as a toxic waste dump up until 1972. Underwater drones captured images of the site which is 3,000 feet below the surface. It’s estimated 350 to 700 tons of DDT were dumped at the site. High levels of DDT have been detected in wild life in the area and this site is suspected of causing cancer in the seal population. DDT was used as an insecticide but it’s use was stopped after a connection was discovered between DDT and decreasing bald eagle population.

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