News Briefs

Virginia Students Return to School

by Joe 1of2

Joe Biden took a photo opportunity with 5th graders at Yorktown Elementary School in Virginia on Monday. The students at the school recently returned to the classroom after months of “distance learning”. The students now attend class in person 4 days per week. Joe Biden asked the students how they liked doing the work from home and the children didn’t hesitate to tell the truth. One student said when she was tired during home instruction she would just go back to bed. Another student said when the instructor was focused on another student, he could go to the kitchen, eat a snack, and return to the computer without the teacher knowing he was gone. Yet another student said that if she didn’t want to participate she just acted like her mic didn’t work or she was having tech issues. According to a report from Stanford University as many as 3 million at-risk students have not been connected to any form of learning, remote or in-person, since March.

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