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Updates: 2020

(11.17.20) The YouTube ban for Q & A Holes
podcast lifts tonight at midnight! Be sure to tune
into our first channel for Wednesday night’s
show! Link: HERE

(11.16.20) A new patron membership tier has
been added to Q & A Holes Podcast Patreon
webpage. Become a “Space Force: Cadet First
Class” patron by subscribing at the $25 per
month level and recieve invitation to a monthly
“roundtable” and chat live with the Q & A Holes!
Link: HERE

(11.12.20) Tune in to Q & A Holes Podcast on
their YouTube 2 channel as we kick off a host
swap: “The Mr. C & Magadon Show” premieres
tonight with Q topics and an expose on the
Sunshine Movement. And tune in Tuesday,
November 17 for “The Mr. Y and Pablo Show!”