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The Killer Cuomo COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal Heats UP!

So, have you heard about the Killer Cuomo COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal? No? Okay, so basically at the height of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020 and around the time the naval hospital ships the Comfort and the Hope were docked at New York and California respectively, Governor Cuomo issued mandate that required […]

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee Wants Your Guns

Democrat representative of the 18th district in Texas, Sheila Jackson-Lee has introduced a bill to the house that seeks to make a registry of gun owners, but also to restrict the ability to purchase firearms based on purchasers association. H.R. 127 would require all Americans to have to register their firearms to include purchase and […]


Climate change poopy pants, Greta Thunberg has messed up big time. Or has she? Reports came out from the Twittersphere that climate activist and all around environmentalist brat, Greta Thunberg had ‘accidentally’ tweeted a file showing directions given to her in regard to what political speech and action she should take concerning the farmer protest […]

MEME: America’s New Sweethearts

Rumored ghost writer of Hunter Biden’s new book refers to the life of the illegitimate president’s son as ‘gorgeous.’ In the blurb for Hunter’s book, which opens with “Where’s Hunter? He’s here in this book” or something to that effect, not only does the king of horror, Stephen King, grovel over a life worth writing […]

Jon Sullivan: ANTIFA Guru, BLM Activist, Convenient Extremist

False Flag: Capitol Building Insurgency In the wake of the Electoral Count Day supposed insurrection on January 6, 2021 in Washington D.C., evidence has surfaced identifying members of the coup as being active members of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and other left and right wing extremists. One such case is that of John Sullivan, a […]


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