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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s Final Days in Office

Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson, has effectively committed political suicide. The Arkansas state legislature passed a bill that would make illegal performing, referring, or prescribing any type of procedures or drugs that would assist a minor inflicted with “gender dysphoria.” The bill, HB 1570, called the “Save Adolescents from Experimentation” Act, was passed by the Arkansas […]

Re: CPAC 2021, “We Love You,” President Trump!

President Donald Trump gave closing remarks on Sunday a CPAC to a crowd of hungry conservatives who waited an hour for the controversial world leader to take the stage. This year’s Conservative Political Action Conference was not only marked with controversy the marred 45th President of the United States speaking amid his acquitted impeachment and […]

The Killer Cuomo COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal Heats UP!

So, have you heard about the Killer Cuomo COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal? No? Okay, so basically at the height of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020 and around the time the naval hospital ships the Comfort and the Hope were docked at New York and California respectively, Governor Cuomo issued mandate that required […]


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